This study is getting a lot of press today so I thought I’d weigh in.

First things to consider: this study lasted only a year so it’s hard to draw long-term conclusions, and the study subjects ate only 40 grams of “digestible carbs” daily, which in my mind lands it squarely in the “unsustainable for the long term” zone for most people. In general, there’s also no universal definition for a “low carb” diet so that basically leaves people to define that for themselves. Some will be like this, truly Atkins-like low carb, and some will seek to find the middle ground where junky carbs become the exception, not the rule. Where does enjoying food – whatever you like on occasion – without constantly living in dread that the sky is going to fall come in? What about exercise, and the importance of eating out less and home more? I wish we could stop with the “low in one thing – high in something else” study of nutrient manipulation in people’s diets and take a look at what happens when you ditch the refined carbs, essentially lowering junky carb intake, and focus on eating reasonable amounts of unprocessed grains, whole fruits and vegetables, along with decent amounts of lean proteins and healthy fats to help people feel fuller longer. What research has been done on this suggests it helps, and might leave you feeling free to enjoy foods you love on occasion.


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