As someone with two type 1 diabetic brothers and a mom with type 2, I’ve been loving people with diabetes most of my life.

While not much is known about preventing type 1, many cases of type 2 can be prevented through diet and lifestyle change, which is the focus on my book, The Prediabetes Diet Plan. As a registered dietitian who’s spent over 20 years taking care of people with diabetes, I wanted to put my knowledge and experience with prevention into a book that may help people avoid or delay the onset of this disease. Research tells us that if you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes losing as little at 7% of your weight if you’re overweight may be enough to reverse it. My best advice is to not wait until your doctor tells you “your blood sugar is a little high.”

Find out if you’re at risk by calling the American Diabetes Association and take the free Diabetes Risk Test (English or Spanish) by calling 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383).


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